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Welcome to Pas 6502, the home of my Pascal cross-compiler for 6502-based machines like the C64, BBC Micro. I will add other machines when I can!

PREREQUISITES!!: Needs Kick AssemblerJava Runtime Environment at a minimum!

Press F1 in Pas6502 to open up the help file. You can then navigate visa the URLs to download the prerequisites.

There are two download files, one is the compiler itself, and the other is examples that you download and extract into the pas6502 folder. When run, it will find all the example projects in the sub-examples folder and add them to the menu.

With it, you can create programs/games by compiling a subset of the Pascal language ready to be run in an emulator or on real hardware!

It is currently aimed at the C64, and to a small extent so far, the BBC Micro. This will be updated in the future. I will add support for other machines like NESAtari, etc. as I improve the tool.

I believe it's pretty useful, but I will continually develop it. It's free, but if you want to donate to support my work, you can 😊 Donate when downloading, or send me a coffee.

The source code is available at the link below, but I've not finished updating it yet


Hope you find it useful!!


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Development log


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Mention of the NES and Atari (2600?) is quite a tease.  There are very few options for the NES in higher level languages.


Thanks for the comment, I AM going to add NES and Atari examples into the compiler as soon as I work them out lol