mini MIKE is about an explorer trapped on an alien world where everything is huge.  Can you help Mike solve the puzzles, avoid the Nasties, save his friends and escape with his life?

There is a short demo playable in your browser that only has a few levels.  The demo shows the basic gameplay, but doesn't feature all the final creatures, dangers, items and most importantly, the levels available in the final build.

After completion, the game might come out as a physical item, later on, ie. tape, disk, etc. as a purchase option for Commodore 64 hardware.

Development log


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Cool Game😊 Waiting For The Full version 😊

Thanks for the kind words! After I finish my current project Hexed, I will get back to miniMIKE :)

Incredible game.  Looks great, plays great.  Are you still working on it?

thanks for the kind words, much appreciated!! 😊❤️ It's on the backburner until I finish hexed. I'll then get back to it and debug the issues, and try to get a release done at some point 😊 

and featured!

Ohh...thanks mate! :)

Ok, now this looks amazing!

Looks like it has potential. Cool. 

I've donated you a couple of dollars - hope to see the full game soon. Maybe in time for the launch of TheC64 for Christmas?

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Wow! Thanks so much for your support mate :)  I appreciate it!!

I'm going to get back to miniMIKE as soon as I can; debugging it and mostly real life has gotten in the way of late :(

I know all about real life. I'd love to spend more time 8-bit development and less time on modern-days development.

Have you thought about speaking to any 8-bit publishers?

I do have a publisher who wants to put it on tape at some point if I can get my act together and finish it :)