Here is a hexagonal game board prototype I'm working on.  I've uploaded a test version so you can try the control scheme and give feedback.  It uses hexes, so there are 6 directions :)

Joystick controls:
up                    = North
down             = South
up left           = North-west
down left    = south-west
up right        = north-east
down right = south-east

fire = jump 2 hexes instead of one in that direction.


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Any news here?

Once I figure out why my latest version of hexed is crashing, I'm going to upload the final version here :)

That's good news indeed. Good luck!

Love it! Keep up the fab work and make sure you tag #FREEZE64 when you post about it so that I can spread the word :-D

Thanks mate! I will try to remember to tag you 😁

If fire button allows jumping 2 hexes it should be possible to jump straight left or right with button pressed down.  Looks interesting already :)

Took me a few seconds to get my isometric bearings and then no problem controlling with cursor keys.  Really cool concept! :)

Nice concept. I think this game probably would work out pretty well if finished.

Pretty smooth. Would probably be easier with a real stick. I kept making bad jumps if my dual key strokes weren't perfect.

Yes it is a bit easier with an actual joystick :)